A Twisted History

A Twisted History

Balloon Twisting or Modelling, a little bit of history.

The earliest 'balloon animals' were actually made using animal intestines, and then later, home made balloons. Performers in the early 1900's would, to the wonderment of the audience, produce their very simple creations.

With the improvement of manufacturing techniques of the balloons, and a growing interest in 'balloon twisting', performers around the world started sharing their ideas, first by books and later via the Internet

It is no longer a matter a 'magician' or 'clown' doing a few balloons to fill in some time, or a 'decorator' making a display.

 There is now a growing world wide community of dedicated balloon entertainers, with many different styles. From "buskers" who travel the world, to the "roving entertainer" at the local shopping centre, to the "family restaurant" entertainers making your night more fun, to the 'teams of people' required to make massive world record "sculptures" like this one.

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