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Home "food" preserving is very healthy because you know what's in it for a start, no preservatives, nothing you and your family don't like.
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This is my sister Valerie and her daughter Victoria
My sister Val is a great cook and just loves her family. When it was discovered that several members of the family are allergic to different preservatives and even some foodstuffs she decided to cook her own foods from basic ingredients.

Food allergies are often undiagnosed, and are the source of many persistant health problems ..... you might not be sick, you might just be sick of the food you are eating

So great, we can avoid the preservatives that cause so much trouble, but it's a lot of work cooking each meal from scratch - that's where home preserving comes in. You cook up a big batch of pasta sauce, for example, and preserve it in jars. One big "cook up" can last you many months, but where do you get jars that vacume seal ??

Fowlers Vacola jars are available but expensive, a dozen jars and accessories recently cost us $100, and you daren't give away some of your 'home preserves' as gifts, as you might never get your jar back. So check out our new web site www.greenlivingaustralia.com.au and see how we solved the problem with new lids for most of the jars on the supermarket shelves - that's right, how green can you get we're RECYCLING our ordinary jars we got for free.

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