Learn to Twist

Learn to Twist

ets make Balloon Twisting a little easier, with  my Top Tips.

Balloon twisting or modelling is fun and easy, but please check out my twisting tips first. 

  1. You should always use a pump to inflate the balloons. In Australia you can purchase an inexpensive pump at Coles and sometimes K-Mart for around $5.00 ... if you require a better quality pump see the Qualatex pumps here on my site.
  2. You should, for best results, use professional quality modelling balloons. I personally only use Qualatex or Sempertex. You can check with your local party shop or even some florists, just make sure they are professional quality modelling balloons.
  3. You should always have clean, dry hands ... on a hot sweaty day you can even dust them down with talcum powder.
  4. Don't let the kids play with your uninflated balloons (any stickiness on their hands transfers to the balloons).
  5. Under inflate your balloons when you are learning a new creation, it is easier to practice on a softer balloon.
  6. Tie the balloon by wrapping it around two fingers, not one, don't worry if the knot seems too far from the end of the balloon, practice will fix this.
  7. Choose one hand as the 'holding' hand and the other as the 'twisting' hand.
  8. Always 'hold' the knot end of the balloon, or the already twisted section, and twist the unworked length of the balloon. 

Here's a clue !


If you can see that the 'puppy dog' balloon and the 'rabbit balloon' designs, shown here are actually very similar, just different size bubbles?

You are on your way to being a "Balloon Twister".

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