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Balloon Twisting Instructions

I hope you enjoy the first of my new Video "Balloon School" lessons.

This is simple to make, and fun for the kids at play.


Every little girl's favourite.


By special request, a puppy dog.
"Puppy Dog"
Because you asked for it, my signiture hat.
"Jester Hat"

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I've always said .... "if you can make a sword, a flower,and a puppy dog you will be a hero - at your own kid's parties" .... so here you go mom and dad, no excuses now.

Please remember that you should use a pump to inflate your balloons.

I am pleased to say that, if you can't find professional quality "Qualatex" or "Sempertex" balloons locally, Australian shoppers can order "balloon twisting supplies" right HERE.

If you wonder where I look for inspiration and ideas, look no further ....
I'm going to show you some of my favourite 'balloon sites'.

Here are two web pages that give you great, simple instructions for "puppy dogs".

Let's start with a simple "Puppy Dog".
from "Magical Balloon-dude Dale"

Lets see a slightly differrent "Puppy Dog". from "Balloon HQ"

Here are some of the basic "twists" that you can use to help make some great 'balloon' creations, courtesy of
"Proffesor Wonder".

As you read through this 'page', make each of the individual "twists", just for practice.

Now things are getting a little more complex
Take your time exploring this great 'site', you'll find some great instructions and photos.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale

The most comprehensive balloon site on the net is
"Balloon HQ".

Here is their home page and their instructional pages,
'Balloon Twisting' 101 & 102.
The instructions here can be a bit heavy going for the beginner, so good luck.

Home Page.

If you are interested in working as a balloon twister you should spend a lot of time on this site, as it has lots of information for the professional

Balloon HQ -- "Twisting Balloons 101".
Balloon HQ -- "Twisting Balloons 102".


Well I hope you have lots of fun learning to "twist", it's one of the best things I ever did.

You will certainly be the star of the next party you go to, all you have to do is be able to make a "puppy dog", a "flower", and a "sword", and you will have a great time, ......... no matter what age you are.